Awagami Artist in Residence Program

In the 30-plus years since it opened, the Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper has provided a place for over 100 artists, students, and educational facility individuals and groups from around Japan and the world with a place to research, create, and present their work. The Awagami Artist in Residence program is unique because it offers resident artists an opportunity use the Awa handmade paper manufacturing methods and techniques that have been passed down for generations in Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima. Resident artists also have access to facilities in the adjoining Awagami Print Lab (a print studio with equipment for inkjet printing, intaglio, lithography, and letterpress printing) and an indigo dying studio, enabling them to pursue a high level of creative work. The hall staff also provide support for the artists’ activities in the form of expert advice on all aspects of paper, assistance with production labor, access to related print resources and materials in the in-house library, and other, less tangible forms of support.

Residency Program Details

The program is open to both Japanese and International artists who will spend 1-2 months living and creating art in Awagami’s home of Yoshinogawa with the hope they will be creatively stimulated by our local ‘Awa’ culture. Aritists are recommended to have a clear vision of the works they wish to create during the residency; works that incorporate washi as an integral element but that may also include painting, traditional / digital printmaking (we have a complete Print studio), sculpture, installation, etc…. Each artist shall hold a casual artist discussion about their works and also mount an end-of-residency exhibition. There may also be future exchange programs in collaboration with other international print studios and groups that run AIR (“Artist in Residency”) programs.
1)Artists are invited from both Japan and abroad. Artist selection is made in collaboration with print studios, other international AIR programs and through an ‘open call’ online procedure.
2)Financial support is provided via a stipend paid to the artist for living and production-related expenses.
3)Artists are invited to stay from 1–2 months, primarily using Awagami Factory’s handmade paper studio + Awagami’s Print Labo (traditional & digital printing) to create their artworks.
4)Artists are required to hold at least 1 lecture (or workshop) per month to create an opportunity for cultural interaction between artist and local community.
5)Following the residency, an exhibition of the works created will be held for 2 weeks at Awagami’s exhibition space (or another suitable space). Additionally, it is our hope that artists shall mount exhibitions, give lectures and/ or publish the results of their residency upon returning home.